Project Case Study:

Product Display Stands – Monin Syrup

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Case study - Product Display Stands – Monin Syrup

Case Study:

Monin Syrup Bottles and Monin Syrup Squeezy Bottles Floor Standing Display Unit for retail trade

Main Objective:

Increase Sales volume on Bottles and Squeezy Bottles of Monin Syrup Increase Brand Awareness


The point of sale stands need to be a high quality, durable product stand that can cater for seasonal product changes. The Product display stand needs to be designed and manufactured to a high quality.


Branded Floor Display Unit with Shelving made from 10mm Foamex.
Foamex Floor Display Unit provides a solution that is very effective for durable than cardboard and is waterproof so no damage from cleaning floors / product spillage.
Display Unit is designed for clients’ products sizes with dual branding on sides of stands.


2 Types of Branded Floor Standing Display Stands in 10mm Foamex (FSDU)

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